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    Jessica Harwood

    Scentsy Star Consultant

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Scentsy Room Sprays

Scentsy Room Sprays allow you to take the scent of Scentsy anywhere, anytime!  With just one spray you can fill a room, a closet, a laundry hamper, or a garage with the Scentsy scent and ambiance that you love.  Scentsy room sprays are available in every scent.


Keep one in your bathroom, one in your closet, one in your cleaning supplies when you need a quick spray to change the feeling and scent of any room.  Now you can have your Scentsy fix no matter where you go!  Try it at work and turn your desk into a party!  Visit my Scentsy site for a complete list of all products


Scentsy Plug-in Warmers

The newest product offering from Scentsy wickless candles are new Plug-in Warmers.  These work under the same premise as original Scentsy Warmers, but are smaller to fit in those areas that you may not have room for a full warmer. 


Perfect for your kitchen or bathroom because you can plug them in and they won’t take up any counter space! They also work perfectly as a night light in a child’s room or in your hall way.  Many college stuents find them the perfect fit for their needs because they can have the great smell of Scentsy without taking up precious space in a dorm or apartment.  Now you can easily have the smell of fresh flowers, fruit, or baked goods in your tight locations without the eye sore of some other plug in products. 

As always, Scentsy products are safe and reliable.  They come with a lifetime warranty so if anything ever goes wrong, you can get it replaced free of charge!  With the backing of a great company and a lifetime warranty all Scentsy warmers offer a great way to liven up any room in your home.

Scentsy Bars

Scent is such a powerful sense!  It can bring back memories, enliven your spirit, gladden your heart, and help to set a mood.  The scent of a home or business can say so much.  Scentsy bars allow you to bring that power into your life in a safe and affordable way.  Scentsy offers more than 80 secents to fit whatever mood you are in.  With Favorites, Spring and Summer, Bakery, Nature, Romance, and Fruits and Flowers groups you can take the scent of your house in limitless directions.  Bars come in convenient sections that allow you to break the bar into 6 seperate sections so you can even mix and match to create your own unique favorite.

scentsybarScentsy bars also offer amazing value.  A single bar will last up to 80 hours giving you days of unending scent at a fraction of the cost of buying another candle.  Safety is also a major advantage to using Scentsy and Scentsy bars.  There is no flame or soot that can harm your house or your family.  Click here for a catlog to pick your favorite scent and be ready to smell, smile, and love your new Scentsy bar!

Scentsy Warmer

A Scentsy Warmer uses a 25-watt light bulb to warm scented wax to a temperature that is perfect to release the scent.  A Scentsy warmer does not burn the wax or release any smoke or soot so it is cleaner and safer than than any regular candle.  But perhaps the best part of a Scentsy candle warmer is the look that you can create in your home.  There is a whole new section of Safari Scentsy warmers that feature a Cheetah, Giraffe, and and Zebra prints.  They offer an exciting and contemporary look that will liven up your decor.  Also brand new to this year’s collection is the Isabella Scentsy Candle collection.  With a unique glaze and Spanish inspired scrolls you can now add a much more classic look to any room.  Want a more rustic look from your Scentsy warmer?  Try the new Stampede warmer, Wild West, Yukon, or the Lodge Scentsy warmer.  Need something a little fun to finish off a room?  How about the Retro Chic, Rustic Star, Shabby Chic, or Doodlebud warmer.  And we have still only talked about less than half of the available warmers!  Click here to see a whole new catalog!

Scentsy Multi-Packs

Save Even More With Multi-Packs!

multi5   multi3          multi2

Buy 5 Bars and Get       Scentsy System with           Perfect Scentsy with
        one Free                    a warmer and 3 Bars          2 warmers and 6 bars
                                                                                                          SAVE $15!

 multi4                                              multi1

Scentsy Sampler                                                    Double The Scentsy for the
Some of Everthing!                                                      MOST SAVINGS!
3 Car Candles, 2 Room Sprays                        24 Scentsy Bars and
3 Scentsy Bars, 1 Scentsy Brick                         2 Scentsy Warmers.
2 Scentsy Warmers.                                                         SAVE $40
SAVE $20