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    Jessica Harwood

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Scentsy Products

Scentsy Candles are an amazing wickless candle system that will beautify your home and bring joy to your senses. A Scentsy wickless candle uses a unique method to warm scented wax using a 25 watt light bulb. The Scentsy candle heats the wax to the perfect temperature, releasing the smell of flowers, coconut, lavender, sugar cookies, or one of dozens of other tantalizing scents. With over 80 scents to choose from you can create any mood or help to relive any memory simply by turning on your Scentsy Wickless Candle. Continue reading


Scentsy Value

Scentsy Wickless Candles represent a great value.  A normal candle will cost around 25-30 dollars.  For that money you get one smell that will burn away within a few days and then you have to spend that much again to get another one smell.  (Not to mention the danger and hassle that comes with having an open flame in your home.)  With Scentsy warmers and bars the cost is significantly better!  After the investment in a warmer for between 15 and 30 dollars, you get a warmer that will add good looks and elegance to every room.  Then bars are just $5!  That’s right.  Five dollars for a bar of wax that will last as long as that candle (that can really be an eye sore in a room).  That means you could buy 5-6 differnt scents for the same price as one candle.  That gives you about 5 times the scent for your house for the same cost.  In these economic times, everyone is looking for a way to cut a few dollars here and there.  Scentsy gives you that chance!  The best part is that you could also host a party and get your warmers for free!  Free Scentsy is the best price possible!  Check out my Scentsy site to see all the great product or find out how to host a party and get it for free!

Scentsy Car Candles

Scentsy Car Candles give you a shot of Scentsy in one place that you really need it.  Every time you take a little trip you can go with the scent of Lavender, Vanilla Walnut, Sugar Cookie, or the best selling car candle: Leather.  They also make a great gift idea to give someone a little taste of your favorite scent.  They also work perfect hanging in a closet or in a bathroom to give some scent to a small area that may not have room for a warmer.  All Scentsy car candles are hand-dipped in a highly aromatic combination to give the perfect level of long-lasting scent.  Give one to your neighbor to brighten their day or hang one in your office to become the most visited spot in your building!  Visit my Scentsy site to get one or buy 5 and get one free so you have one for every car in your life.

Scentsy Room Sprays

Scentsy Room Sprays allow you to take the scent of Scentsy anywhere, anytime!  With just one spray you can fill a room, a closet, a laundry hamper, or a garage with the Scentsy scent and ambiance that you love.  Scentsy room sprays are available in every scent.


Keep one in your bathroom, one in your closet, one in your cleaning supplies when you need a quick spray to change the feeling and scent of any room.  Now you can have your Scentsy fix no matter where you go!  Try it at work and turn your desk into a party!  Visit my Scentsy site for a complete list of all products

Scentsy Multi-Packs

Save Even More With Multi-Packs!

multi5   multi3          multi2

Buy 5 Bars and Get       Scentsy System with           Perfect Scentsy with
        one Free                    a warmer and 3 Bars          2 warmers and 6 bars
                                                                                                          SAVE $15!

 multi4                                              multi1

Scentsy Sampler                                                    Double The Scentsy for the
Some of Everthing!                                                      MOST SAVINGS!
3 Car Candles, 2 Room Sprays                        24 Scentsy Bars and
3 Scentsy Bars, 1 Scentsy Brick                         2 Scentsy Warmers.
2 Scentsy Warmers.                                                         SAVE $40
SAVE $20