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Two things in the mail this week! Check and new Plymouth Warmer

Two of the greatest things about Scentsy came this week.  The first was my commission check.  And it couldn’t have come at a better time!  In what is kind of a tight month it is paying for our car payment, our car registration that came due this month and for my daughters birthday presents.  Every time we need a little extra it is so nice to have a little extra money.  Without spending a lot of time away from my family I am able to make the same money as if I had a part time job.  Suze Orman tells people all the time that companies like Scentsy are a great way to make a little extra money to help pay those bills!  It is perfect for me, and if you think it will work for you, visit my Scentsy site.

The other great thing in the mail this week was the new Plymouth warmer and scent of the month, Honey Pear Cider.  It is one of my favorite warmers and is totally unique.  Perfect for fall it has a golden colored leaf as the tray that holds the wax.  I think you will love it!  Check out my Scentsy site so you can contact me about it.  They don’t have pictures of it yet, but I will post one as soon as it comes up.  To Buy, Host(it all about getting free Scentsy!), or Join visit my site.


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