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Scentsy Wickless Products New Catalog!

With the new month and the fall season comes a new Scentsy wickless catalog!  There is so much amazing new stuff.  Check out my Scentsy site to see the whole thing, but here is a preview to start your curiosity burning (or warming in the Scentsy world!)

  • New plug-ins that are perfect for the bathroom!
  • New Mid size warmers that are cheaper and fit into small areas perfectly
  • New DIY (Design It Yourself) warmers.  These are so cool, you just have to see them.
  • A whole new lineup of warmers including my favorite new warmer, Plantation.
  • Travel tins are the latest cool invention from Scentsy.  Put them in your car, purse, or anywhere for a jolt of scent.
  • New Scents that really are amazing.  Some of my favorites are Raspberry Danish and Coconut Citrus Parfait.
  • The new Scentsy man collection with 5 great smells perfect for guys, like Rustic Lodge.
  • The most popular combination, the Scentsy System (1 warmer and 3 bars) is now only $40, down 10%!

With all these great new ideas (and with upcoming expansion into Canada!) now is the perfect time to buy, host (and get your FREE Scentsy!) or join this amazing company and opportunity!  Check out my site for all the information and love your Scentsy!


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