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Scentsy Discounted Products

If you are looking to buy some Scentsy products and want to save a little more money you have a few options right now! Every month there is an exciting new Warmer and Scent of the month. This months is a beautiful warmer perfect for Spring or Mother’s Day.

daisies_styled_lgAnd the best part is that it is 10% off all month!  Next month will be a new warmer that I can’t wait to tell you about! 

But, new this month is an exciting new feature from Scentsy.  Visit my Scentsy site, click on “Place an Order” and you will see a link for Close-out Items!  Scentsy warmers for $24!  It doesn’t get any better than this!  Two extremely popular Scentsy warmers, the Sonata and Terra Cotta are there as well as some old favorites that will not be available once they sell out.  So visit my site today.  Check out the new stuff and get a discount!  Check out the close-outs and get a discount!  Or get some of your friends to order with and you and contact me for an even bigger discount!  Email me (using the link on my site!) to find out how you can get your Scentsy for free.  With all the hard times, this is the best time ever to get Scentsy and start saving even more than the old, dirty candles.


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