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Scentsy Warmer

A Scentsy Warmer uses a 25-watt light bulb to warm scented wax to a temperature that is perfect to release the scent.  A Scentsy warmer does not burn the wax or release any smoke or soot so it is cleaner and safer than than any regular candle.  But perhaps the best part of a Scentsy candle warmer is the look that you can create in your home.  There is a whole new section of Safari Scentsy warmers that feature a Cheetah, Giraffe, and and Zebra prints.  They offer an exciting and contemporary look that will liven up your decor.  Also brand new to this year’s collection is the Isabella Scentsy Candle collection.  With a unique glaze and Spanish inspired scrolls you can now add a much more classic look to any room.  Want a more rustic look from your Scentsy warmer?  Try the new Stampede warmer, Wild West, Yukon, or the Lodge Scentsy warmer.  Need something a little fun to finish off a room?  How about the Retro Chic, Rustic Star, Shabby Chic, or Doodlebud warmer.  And we have still only talked about less than half of the available warmers!  Click here to see a whole new catalog!


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  1. […] Scentsy wickless candles are new Plug-in Warmers.  These work under the same premise as original Scentsy Warmers, but are smaller to fit in those areas that you may not have room for a full […]

  2. […] (Not to mention the danger and hassle that comes with having an open flame in your home.)  With Scentsy warmers and bars the cost is significantly better!  After the investment in a warmer for between 15 and 30 […]

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